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Virginia ONLINE Driving Improvement Course FAQ



Q. Is approved in Virginia?
A. Yes, is the largest online driver improvement course approved by the Virginia DMV and Courts throughout the state.



Q. Does replace the need to sit in a classroom for 8 hours?
A. Yes. Plus, it's easy and VERY captivating. Click the Sign Up Online Click Here link, complete the course online and notifies the DMV and sends your Certificate of Completion to you.

Q. How much does the course cost?
A. Our in-class course cost $47, but there is a $2.95 surcharge for the online course. The total cost is only $49.95 and this includes all applicable filing fees plus SAME DAY (Mon-Fri) processing of your Certificate. There are no hidden costs or charges at the end of the course.


Q. Can you send the Certificate of Completion to me using Express Delivery?
A. Yes. If you're in a hurry and need your Certificate right away, select the Express Delivery option on the registration page and will Express deliver your Certificate to you ($22.75). Express Delivery is available for delivery Monday through Friday, and in some rural areas, Express Delivery time can be two days.


Q. How will I receive my Certificate of Completion?
A. will send your Certificate of Completion to you either by first class mail or by Express Delivery/Next Day service. Complete the course by 5pm ET Mon-Fri, and we will send your Certificate of Completion that SAME DAY! Express Delivery is available Monday through Friday.

Q. Can I take the course in sections?
A.Yes. You may start and stop the course as often as you like until you have completed the course; log-in and out as your schedule permits. When you log back in, you’ll be taken back to the last page you visited before logging out.


Q. How can I pay for the course?
A. accepts all payment types. You can pay for the course online with VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover or PayPal. uses state of the art encryption technology to prevent fraud and ensure your security with all internet transactions. Or, you may call Customer Care toll free at 1-877-937-4846 and pay by phone.


Q. How long does the course last?
A.You can take the course at your own pace. The course is broken up into sessions and the time to take the course will vary from one person to another.


Q. Do I have to notify the DMV after I finish the course?
A.No, will do that for you. After completing the course, will electronically notify the DMV within one business day and send your Certificate of Completion to you. Finish the final quiz by 5 pm ET Monday-Friday and we will report your completion to the DMV that same day! Completions after 5pm will be reported the following business day.


Q. How many days do I have to complete the course?
A.You may take as long as you like to complete the course. keeps your registration and log-in information for 90 days from the first time you log-in.


Q. Are there specific hours that I can take the course?
A.You can take the course at any hour of the day. It's available to you 24 hours a day.


Q. Is it safe to use my credit card on the internet?
A.Yes, uses a state of the art infrastructure and encryption technology to prevent credit card fraud and ensure card holder security. However, should you prefer, you may call Customer Care toll free at 1-877-937-4846 to pay by phone and begin taking the course immediately.


Q. If I have been referred by the court to take a driver improvement course, am I eligible to take the on-line course?
A.More than likely, the answer is yes. Nearly all Virginia courts permit on-line driver improvement courses.



Q. Can I take the final quiz from my computer and how long will it take?
A.The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles requires the final quiz be taken at one of our approved testing sites after presenting photo ID. The quiz is all multiple choice, taken from the website and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Click here to view a list of testing locations. NOTE: The Virginia DMV does not allow students to bring ANY form of notes with them to use while taking the final quiz.



Q. What if I don't pass the final quiz?
A. It's not very likely. If for some reason you do not pass the final quiz, you can retake it again until you have passed. Virginia law allows a person to take the final quiz once per day. does not charge for retaking the final quiz.



Q. Can I begin the course on one computer and continue it on another?
A.Yes. has designed this course to give you the most flexibility possible. You create a log-in password when you begin and you can use this password from any computer. Remember, this course is available to you 24 hours a day.



Q. Is special hardware, software or downloading required to take the course?
A.No special hardware or software is required. You can take the course from any computer, PC or Mac with internet access. You will not need to download anything to complete the course.



Q. How often can a driver improvement course be taken?
A.If you are taking the course for a traffic ticket, you can take the course as often as you like. If you are taking the course for point reduction, the DMV allows you to take it once every 24 months.



Q. Is there an age requirement to take this course in Virginia?
A. 2020 NEW REGULATION -The Virginia DMV allows drivers of all ages to take the course.
Sign Up Online Click Here



The Virginia Course Details


WHAT IS THE VIRGINIA DRIVING UNIVERSITY COURSE? is the pioneer online driver improvement defensive driving school approved by the Virginia DMV and Virginia courts. The Driving University course replaces the need to sit in a classroom to complete a Virginia driving school requirement. Plus its done at your own pace. Some complete the VA driving school at one sitting and others do it over time. You'll remember Driving University - simple, enjoyable and user friendly.

Virginia DMV Approved

Everyday, drivers satisfy Virginia court and Virginia DMV requirements by taking the Driving University online course. The cause: traffic tickets. The main reasons for completing this VA driving school online are:

  1. Virginia Court: dismiss a traffic ticket or reduce fines

  2. Virginia DMV: too many negative driving points

  3. Voluntary: receive 5 safe driving points from the Virginia DMV

  4. Insurance Discount


The course is taken online and you can begin immediately.
STEP 1: Sign Up Online Click Here to register
STEP 2: Pay online or by phone
STEP 3: Begin the course & finish the course


STEP 4: Visit a quiz location to take your final test, usually a public library.

You can finish the online course at once or start and stop as often as you like. If you stop, we'll put you right back on the same page where you left off the next time you return to the course. We'll send your Virginia Certificate of Completion either by mail or Fed Ex. If you're taking driving school for court, send your certificate to the court. Plus, Driving University reports all completions to the Virginia DMV daily.


The Driving University course is direct, to the point and easy on the eyes. Unlike driving school classrooms or other courses, this course is not like reading a driver education textbook. It's very well written and easy to follow along. And, it's loaded with unforgettable highway humor caught on camera which everyone enjoys.


Driving University has joined forces with Virginia Public Libraries and The Friends of Virginia Libraries to create the Drive For Excellence program. For each student who uses a library computer to take the Driving University final test. Driving University makes a contribution to Virginia Public Libraries. This program helps provide for books, computers, chairs and tables, building maintenance, children's events and other public resources. "I'm convinced that Driving University offers us a unique opportunity to help Virginia's libraries", says Bill Whitesides, President of Friends Of Virginia Libraries.


Sign Up Online Click Here to get started.

Virginia Certificate of Completion
The day you finish, DrivingUniversity will process your Virginia Certificate and report your completion to the Virginia DMV (Mon-Fri). Certificates are sent by first class mail. If you're in a hurry, select Fed Ex when you register and we'll have your Certificate sent Fed Ex Overnight Delivery ($22.95).

In A Hurry?
If you're in a hurry and need your Virginia defensive driving school Certificate right away, select Fed Ex when you sign up for the course. Complete the course by 2pm PT, and we will send your Certificate of Completion to you via Fed Ex ($22.75) that same day!


No Fail Guarantee
At Driving University we don’t accept failure. Nine out of ten drivers pass the final quiz at the end of our online defensive driving course on their first try. If you don’t pass the final quiz on your first try, you can re-take it again until you do pass. There are no limits to the number of times you can take the Driving University defensive driving quiz. Keep in mind, the Virginia DMV allows the final quiz to be taken once per day. NOTE: The Virginia DMV does not allow students to bring ANY form of notes with them to use while taking the final quiz. Click on the image below to get started:

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