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Blessed Driving School, LLC   - 8 hour Defensive Driver Improvement Class

Ashland, Mechanicsville, Hanover Virginia area.

A Defensive driver improvement class is for those who received a traffic ticket in Virginia or would like a discount on the insurance. Your insurance company will let you know if they offer discounts to those who takes a DMV licensed driver improvement course.

When you are convicted of a traffic violation, the court notifies the Department of Motor Vehicles unless the judge dismisses the ticket. In order to dismiss the traffic ticket, the judge usually requires the offender to take a defensive driver improvement course approved by DMV as the one Blessed Driving School, LLC offers in Ashland, Richmond, and the Chesterfield areas. If you do not take a driver improvement class to dismiss the ticket, DMV does the following: posts the conviction to your driving record, assigns demerit points to you according to the severity of the offense, issues n order of suspension, if applicable, issues an order requiring the successful completion of a driver improvement clinic, if applicable; notifies your insurance company upon request. 

Whenever you receive a traffic ticket, you should always go to court. If the court date doesn't fit your schedule, call the clerk of court to reschedule to a date you can attend. You should NEVER pay the ticket to avoid going to court. Paying a ticket means you are admitting guilt and DMV will be notified as listed above. If you go to court, the judge could dismiss your ticket for any of the following reasons: the police officer does not show up, there is a mistake on your ticket, or the police officer forgot to calibrate his radar. 

Blessed Driving School, LLC has been offering Defensive Driver Improvement Classes in the Richmond area since 2008. Our classes are spirit-filled, educational, and fun. You are too blessed to be stressed about the rest! Come experience the difference and sign up for one of our exciting 8 hour classes today.

Driver Improvement Course Locations:
Fairfield Inn & Suites

11625 Lakeridge Parkway

Ashland VA 23005

South Richmond / Chesterfield area is:

AT&T Office Building (Entrance at the rear)

2500 Turner Road
North Chesterfield, VA 23224

Cost: $57.00


8:20a - 5:00p


Please make sure you register for the driver improvement course before coming.

Non-refundable credit card deposit required for registration.



We look forward to seeing you. We know you are just as excited as we are BUT, Please DON'T speed, arrive safely!

Click HERE to Register

8-hr Driver Improvement Class in Ashland

8-hr Driver Improvement Class in Richmond

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